So I was wrong!

In this post done in 2006, I predicted a few things, but the one that is closest to being spot on is how Vista would be banned from deployment (point b). So I was somewhat wrong. It was NOT deployed at all by even Intel. What makes anyone think that yet another “upgrade” of their OS is going to be any different?

Here’s what I predict (yes, it is early for end of year prediction, but hey!):
a) Windows 7 will be yet another spectacular failure (following the path set by Windows ME and Vista) but this time because of how they are pricing the product and the fact that a lot of devices and applications will not run properly.
b) The EU will slap on more punitive damages because of the way MS Europe is trying to hoodwink Europeran users over Windows 7.
c) The Singapore SOExcruciation project that is rolling out Vista (imagine that!), is going to be stuck with a huge upgrade task (which falls on EDS who won the deal). I would not be surprised if there is a security incident just because of the mess.
d) Netbooks will revert to running Linux (Moblin, Fedora, Android) and the Taiwanese vendors will just snub Windows 7.

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