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Saving Singapore’s SOE – scrap it!

Isn’t something to read that India could save US$2billion if FOSS is adopted at 50% levels in India. Compare that with the S$1.x billion that has been earmarked and being spent on the Standard Operating Environment (euphamistaically called SOEasy) in … Continue reading

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As SOEasy crashes and burns, Singapore’s Ministry of Education does the Right Thing

What a pleasant surprise to read that the Singapore Ministry of Education has signed a deal to deploy Google Apps for use by teachers. This is a huge win that we have to shout out loudly. I, however, do have … Continue reading

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Welcoming to the Right Side of history

I think it is very early to welcome Microsoft to the right side of the history of computing and consumption and creation of software despite their announcement (with major cavaets) of the set up of their CodePlex Foundation. It is … Continue reading

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MSFT’s analysis of security

I was asked by @tonynewling for my take on “Vista One Year Vulnerability Report”. I finally got time to look at it and subsequent reports by the same author and I have to applaud the report’s author for cleverly clouding … Continue reading

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