LG’s X110 netbook and Fedora

I was roaming around Sim Lim yesterday and came across a LG X110 netbook. These days I tend to carry around with me my “desktop” all in my trusty 60GB usb drive and with the permission of the salesperson, plugged the drive into the USB slot and viola, had Fedora 11 all running. Every single thing worked including the built-in camera (used Cheese WebCam). Could not test the wifi (duh! you’d expect Sim Lim of all places to have the tax-payer funded Wireless@SG crap).

The machine come standrd with 1GB RAM, a 10″ WSVGA LED display (was rather bright, running off power), and Intel’s GMA 950 video. The drive is a 160GB installed with the flash-based (I think) splashtop and the virus windoze eXPloder. The price was S$699 and for about $40 more, 1GB more. The model I looked at did not have the 3G broadband option – which I think is a shame. Apparently they have one, but is about S$100 more.

I asked him if I can get the machine without the preloaded virus, but it was a no go. I choose not to buy it for I don’t want it to be registered in some MS sale statistic that there is another netbook running their OS. Is there a way I can get this machine without windoze? I can certainly go through, and have fun doing it, in getting a rebate for returning the OS. Maybe I should just do that. Publish every step of the way on how they might choose not to respond to the contractual terms etc.

I might just go ahead and get the machine. The LED display was really attractive.


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