It was today 40 years ago!

As I recall and share with my sons and wife about how I felt 40 years ago watching on our 17″ black and white TV (Essex or Esser or something like that) the landing on moon, it reminds me that I have yet to achieve one of my goals – to be able to go to the moon. I know we can, and I know I will one day. I just want to do that ASAP.

Just today I was part of the prize giving ceremony of the code::XtremeApps:: 2009 where, in the Junior category, we recognized a two-sister team who wrote an application using Squeak Etoys to foster healthy lifestyles. One of the two sisters is just FOUR years old. What would her memories be 40 years from now? Only time will tell. It is perhaps extremely poignant to note that all the stuff we do with computers, the Internet, open standards, open source all had it’s start and motivation from the days of the Apollo space program. The need to miniaturize transistors lead to the development of integrated circuits which found its way into the early rockets. Yes, the computing power of the computers on board the Apollo is perhaps a fraction of my Fedora running laptop, but the laptop and Fedora would not be here if it wasn’t for that. So, thanks, NASA for hatching a dream and bringing forth amazing innovations to help improve life on earth.

But in the meantime, let’s make this planet a better place. Let’s strive to eliminate hunger, poverty (you know, poor people did not choose to be poor) and open up knowledge even further.

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