I am a sucker for innovative applications. I continue to be happy with which offers a mobile webcam to stream video from your handphone. I just came across which, imho, will redefine how we view screen recordings. Gone is the need install a screen capture tool (for Fedora) iff you are online and connected. I am wondering if has an offline record mode?

Reading their technology page, they say built their service using:
“We use VNC, an open source video technology, to capture video frames directly at the level of the video driver.

Our proprietary format compresses the video stream in a very small file while keeping a good quality.

Here is the list of the open sources project we are using:

* TightVNC: (GPL)
* VineVNC: (GNU-GPL)
* Flashlight-VNC: (LGPL)
* Fzlib: (LGPL)
* X11VNC: (GNU-GPL)”

Pity that they are not publishing the “proprietary format for compreggins vidro streams”.


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