Vendor lock-in offer for Startups!

I read over the weekend an offer by the Redmond business that gives startups “free” software to run their businesses.

From M$ bizspark article

A local startup, Homespace who had built up their site (looks good I must say; netcraft says it runs Linux and nginx.

From M$ bizspark article

An interesting comment – not attributed to anyone I think – is that “Being on bizspark means it will have free access to potentially better Microsoft software”. Vendor lock-in, yes, better, I don’t think so. What was the challenge that has thus far that has not been addressed ably by FOSS? No mention of that. What shortcoming will this MS go-to-jail offer address? Yes, the article is short in detail (as is any Straits Times report), but I am sure there will be major spinning of this by Microsoft.

Let the FUD begin!


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