Adding fonts in F9

My son has been asking me to install a bunch of fonts so that he can use them to create interesting stuff for online games he plays like those from and He has a Fedora 9 machine and the challenge I have is how does he, as normal user, add fonts. I cannot seem to find a way to do so. I have looked at gnome-appearance-properties and gnome-control-center (which will invoke gnome-appearance-properties) and the “fonts” tab does not have a “Add Font” button. Perhaps a missing feature?

In any case, for the record, what I had to do is to get the fonts that he wanted to use and placed them directly into /usr/share/fonts. They are immediately available to any application (he’s using Gimp and

UPDATE: filed a bugzilla and am downloading the source to control-center from to see if I can cut some code to fix this.


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