Vint Cert and Net Neutrality

Does Vint Cerf really need to endorse a politician? In this video, that is exactly what he does towards the latter part of the recording. While I think he is articulating extremely well the idea of net neutrality, I think to use that as the starting point to then endorse a politician is not appropriate. He should have done it the other way around. Start by saying that he is endorsing Obama and then state why. I have great respect for Vint, so it is a little disappointing to see this video.

On the issue of Net Neutrality, I think this is a US-centric problem. When there is insufficient competition, this is what happens. If I were to contrast with Singapore, the fact that we have so many ISPs means that the pricing is going to be very, very competitive and it has been the reality. So, it sometimes is puzzling why a country like the US still can’t get their act together with regards to broadband etc.


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