Great insight from Greg KH on kernel contributors

From this kernel talk presented by Greg KH at Google in June, he says at about 23:22 that “Canonical made 6 changes to the kernel in the last 5 years. Canonical does not give back to the community.” Pretty amazing observation, especially with this:

“Well we have a better security track record than Red Hat, we do that by focusing very hard on security, making sure the updates are available as fast as possible on Ubuntu, independent studies have generally ranked Ubuntu number one. We had a horrible security issue recently [the severe OpenSSL-bug recently discovered in Debian-based distributions, apo] but the response to that was exceptional.

So what I’m trying to say here, that the notion that Canonical wouldn’t contribute anything in such a situation and it would be a one way flow is something I disagree with. Look for example at the fact that Ubuntu has usually better hardware support, if we all were on the same kernel the others could take the drivers we put in there and have hardware support that is just as good as Ubuntu.”

FUD from Mark?

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