Indeed, Dr Einstein, you are right!

I am glad to see a letter from Einstein to his friend talking about Einstein’s dismissal of all religions as being childish. I am glad that a mind like his sees the whole deal with the idea of gods/Gods/dieties all untenable and pure deception. While Einstein does not – in that letter – say that he is an atheist, I am certain he was. And am I glad to be in the same company as he is.

My conversations with my sons about the concept of religion and an all powerful entity called god/God has been rather inspiring. While they are privy to what happens around the world, it is nice that they are seeing that there cannot be anything like a all powerful entity, unseen, but all knowing and yet, when needed, does not appear. I shall let them decide for themselves as they grow up, whether they want to be beholden to religions. All I can do is to help them challenge ideas and give them a sound and moral grounding to do the Right Thing.


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