Singapore and OOXML – the inconvenient truth?

Singapore: The Inconvenient Truth from on Vimeo.

Not directly related to ooxml, but something that I think means a lot for us as Singaporeans. As a nation, we have shown that we will take the hard decisions that could piss off people. Catherine Lim does a great job in explaining a lot of what the psyche is of a Singapore and the pulpable fear of the population [a transcript is available here]. I think that element is also evident in the various national bodies around the world where they are fearful of “offending MS if OOXML is voted down”.

So let’s look at some scenarios if ooxml fails in Singapore. Will MS suddenly pull out of Singapore? Pull what out? A bunch of marketing and CD production folks? No ms r&d happens here. Funnily, ms r&d happens in India and China and they both have voted no to ooxml. Will ms pull out of India or China? They could, but they wouldn’t. Similarly here.

What if ooxml wins here? Life will go on. I will be very disappointed because the positive vote would have been done without any technical oversight; it would have be done because of the “fear”. MS will pop champagne; some KPIs would have been met. The rest of the country would not know what happened and would not care.


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