A simplistic world view

I am mildly tickled to read John Dragoon’s comments about Matt Asay’s blog.

John says:

“One blogger (an ex Novell employee) in particular used Microsoft’s announcement to play out his tired and often inaccurate “anti-Novell” agenda with a blog titled “Red Hat was right, Novell was wrong” (be sure to check the comments too). In fact, if Mr. Asay didn’t have an anti-Novell agenda, he would have congratulated Novell for its early pioneering of openness and interoperability and for bringing Microsoft to the table on these important issues long before today’s announcement. He claims today’s announcement removes any advantage granted Novell in our partnership agreement. A clear indication he’s not following the substance of what is being delivered on behalf of our mutual customers. For Mr. Asay’s benefit our technical collaboration with Microsoft covers the following six critical areas….none of which the competitors he referenced are delivering (and all of which are consistent with Microsoft’s expanded interoperability announcement today).

* Virtualization: Support optimized bi-directional virtualization between SUSE Linux Enterprise and Windows Server 2008
* Standards-based systems management: A common framework for solutions to enable management of mixed environments based on the WS-Management standard
* Directory and identity intoperability: Directory and identity federation between Microsoft and Novell products
* Document format compatibility: Enhancing interoperability for Open XML format and ODF documents between Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org Novell edition.
* Moonlight: Interoperability between Microsoft’s Silverlight rich-media player and Linux desktops
* Accessibility: Interoperability between Microsoft and Linux accessibility projects.”
end quote

In the above, clearly, John is trying to gather brownie points for working with Microsoft and that, boo-hoo, Matt did not pat Novell on the back when Ron and Steve embraced each other in November 2006.

I think John here needs to examine his own company’s track record. Where are the “interoperability for ooxml and odf” bits? It is NOT in the upstream OpenOffice.org code base. There is no way anyone (other than Novell folks) can open a docx file. See this smart suggestion!

There are significant areas in which Novell has let down the FOSS community globally. The fact that they can’t see this, stems from the fact that they just don’t get it. Would they ever? I hope they do, for we could use quality competition in the FOSS space, but, today, Novell isn’t it.


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