Sharepoint file formats

As the various national bodies are finalizing their votes to REJECT OOXML, there are a significant number of them that have been bought outright by Redmond Dollars. The fact that a publicly traded company sees it fit to subvert the standards making process by buying “seats” and “subtle pressure” of those with “no backbones”, shows that it is indeed an entity that has disgusting business practices. That they have not so far been brought to court is sad.

The real reason for the free flow of Redmond Dollars instead of doing the right thing of fixing the technically incompetent ooxml proposal has to do with the mid to long term need to further lock-in customers with their sharepoint product.

Some KPIs would not be kept and that is good. Others would have expensed their foray into standards purchase. The ISO is a compromised entity and we need to seriously overhaul it.

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